English speaking? Great!

We sometimes do production outside of Norway and sometime we work with English speaking clients or collaborators in Norway. That’s why we decided to make this English micro-site in a language you can understand. Hope it helps!

Who are we?

The company consist of two people, both educated at the national
tv&film school in Lillehammer, Norway. We are sometimes hired by other
companies to work on their projects – usually broadcast material, and the rest
of the time we spend working on our own projects. That includes documentaries
for cinema and television, commercials, and all sort of client-related
work. From our beginning in 2010 we have had a strong focus on building up
the film production community in central Norway. We’ve set up social
gatherings, set up the “MidNorway filmworkers” facebook group which count more
than 700 members, provided students/talents with professional equipment for
free when doing non-commercial work, and helped them get experience through
assistant work on projects.

Looking to rent equipment?

We have most of our equipment listed on this site.

It’s sorted into tabs relating to the various departments (camera,
lights, sound,..). Prices are adjusted according to the length of the rental,
so it’s best to give us a call or mail. You’ll probably come a long way just by
looking at the pictures, but bear in mind that we have a close collaborator that can provide even more of the high-end equipment – things
like Arri Prime lenses, Red Weapon Dragon (8K) camera, remote follow focus, and
so on.

Aerial footage?

You’re not the first to ask for this.. Norway has some fantastic scenery. We can provide aerial footage with our own operator and DJI drone (5.7K camera).

If you’re looking for super high-end footage with, say, Red cameras, we can be helpful with that as well. We have also built a decent library from previous flights which can sometimes be of use.


Phone: (+47) 92 42 72 81 (Note: We get a lot of spam calls from other countries. If we don't reply just try again in 10 minutes.) We're also on Whatsapp.
Email: puzzle@puzzlefilm.no